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Worried about your aging parent's health?


We understand how overwhelming it can sometimes be for families. By letting our qualified and trustworthy medical staff lend you a hand, you can rest assured that the people you love will be in good hands. Your aging parents deserve better than waiting for health care! We understand the worries and the great responsibilities of caring for a sick relative.


Our family business wishes to meet the growing needs of aging people in Quebec. As the current healthcare system can no longer meet demand, it is increasingly difficult for seniors to obtain quality care quickly.


We believe that the responsibility of caring for an aging parent should no longer rest solely with that of the children. Let our specialists, passionate and trained people, lend you a hand.

Administrative teamWomen who understand
your reality!

Kristina Béliveau

Nurse Clinician and Executive Director


Nadia Béliveau

Communication director


Kim Davie 

Administrative Officer


Holder of a bachelor's degree in nursing from McGill University, she worked as a nurse clinician in the public network for many years. Her desire to provide better quality health care to patients motivated her to found Agence Jaqueline Soins Inc. Her professionalism, rigor and desire to make a difference make her a trustworthy person.

Holder of a bachelor's degree in communication sciences from the University of Montreal and several advanced training courses in communication, she exercises her profession with passion! Her social convictions and her involvement in the community make her an outstanding person within the agency.

Holder of a bachelor's degree in human relations from Concordia University, as well as a graduate diploma in human resources management from McGill University, she has more than 10 years of experience in administration in the private sectors. and public. She is passionate and innovative, with a drive to continuously learn and improve.

 Reasons why families trust us


"I sincerely recommend Agence Jacqueline Soins Inc. to anyone who feels overwhelmed by caring for someone in poor mental, physical or both health. The caregivers made my mother feel responsible while helping him where there is a need".

- Mrs. Whiteman


“I would recommend the services of Agence Jacqueline Soins Inc. to anyone looking to ease their mind and have a loved one cared for in a professional and joyful manner. My father was treated with respect and lots of love "

— Mr. Fanelli

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